Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The scores - 2nd edition

Okay, I have the real scores now. 86% of my students passed. I am pleased with that. The school average on all AP exams is 82% so I beat that, and with many students who had never taken an AP or GT course before.

The breakdown:
6 2's (14%)
15 3's (34%)
14 4's (32%)
8 5's (18%)

If I was teaching next year (which I am NOT) my next goal would be to get the passing scores up. In other words, I'd like to see fewer 3's and more 4's and 5's. In fact, my passing rate was not too far off the more experienced teacher I was working with but the most significant difference was that his passing scores were higher.

Overall, I am certainly pleased and relieved. I worked hard for this and so did the kids. In fact, there is only one student that I can say worked really hard and did not pass. That probably means more than anything.