Sunday, June 18, 2006

We're moving

This is the face of a $1200 cat.

You might be thinking, hey that really looks like a $40 cat one would get at the Humane Society.

That is true. And since we got this cute thing a few years ago, she has taken very little maintenance. Food, a bed, scratching posts and toilet paper rolls is really all it has taken.

Then my dear husband went to Denver to find us a place to live. And he found us the perfect little duplex (near Harvard Gulch for you Colorado residents). It was cheap and had most of the amenities we were looking for. AND, it had a strict no pets policy. What to do? Abandon our darling Shea (pronounced Shay)? No way! My husband negotiated instead. We're paying an extra 100 pet deposit plus 100 a month. So now she's a $1200 cat.

Before you try to commit us to the insane asylum for cat people, keep in mind that even with the added rent, the place we found was still $150 cheaper than our second choice, so not a bad deal all-in-all.