Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Letter to my 7th Period

To my most favorite seventh period class of the year:

Thank you all so much for the wonderful shower/party/Wild Wild West viewing/escape from typical class. It was so sweet and thoughtful of all of you to arrange it. I am pretty sure I am the only woman in the world to get to watch a Will Smith movie at her baby shower. The cake, cookies, and sodas made it even more enjoyable.

Of course, I love all of the baby gifts as well. I will be sure to send pictures of little Publius in the cute outfits. And years later I will tell the baby all about your class when we look at the Dr. Seuss frame or read the book together. (Actually I expect the baby to be reading the book to me by at least eleven months.)

Please know that I recognize how fortunate I am to have worked with such a great group of students. You have made the year manageable, (hey – maybe even enjoyable) with your curiosity, flexibility, and humor. I am so glad to have had the experience of working with you and I will take many great memories with me to Denver. The shower and gifts simply add to what was already an incredible year. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Abigail
{editor's note: Publius is our class name for the baby...long story}