Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I don't need this right now

So today I get a phone call from a parent. She wants to schedule an appointment to check on how her son is doing and talk about how to prepare for the final. She would like to meet this week or early next week. I explained to her I couldn't meet this week because I have AP review sessions every afternoon, but I could certainly meet next week. I asked if she was aware next Wednesday was offical Parent Conference night -- when teachers stay at school until 6pm for the exclusive purpose of meeting with parents. She said no, but she really needed to meet earlier -- either Monday or Tuesday -- because she wants to get a leg up on preparing for the final.


Fine. I will meet with her on Monday, my first day WITHOUT an AP review session in I don't know how long. And I really hope those two days make a big difference.

But I'm not finished. I mentioned to this mother that it would be good for us to meet because her son is failing right now because of 4 zeros. The mother then informs me that he has a 504 plan (except she kept calling it a lesson plan) for his ADHD and it says anytime he has a 0 I am supposed to contact her so her son can make it up. I explained to her that in Gifted and Talented classes I do not take late work. But she said that his 504 plan says I have to. Not having the 504 plan right in front of me, I told her I would look into it.

After I got off the phone with her I pulled his 504 plan out of the filing cabinet. It says "additional time for assignments as needed." I do not interpret this to mean the student can turn in assignments halfway through the quarter. What this means to me is that if he can't finish a test in time, he comes to me, asks for more time, and I let him. OR, if he doesn't finish his map on time, I let him finish it at home. As it is two of the zeros are for class assignments that ALL students could finish at home, but he still did not turn in. The other two zeros are for homework assignments. Again, he had unlimited time to finish it that night. Am I supposed to give him unlimited time ALL QUARTER long when the student did not indicate to me he even had trouble with an assignment?

I try to remove from this argument the fact that the student is in a GIFTED and TALENTED class. I assume I have to accomodate his disability no matter what class he is in, but I am tempted to point out that it is a GT class and if he can't handle turning papers in because of his disability, perhaps he should have taken a different course.