Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AP Exam recap

Ms. Cornelius, from A Shrewdness of Apes asked how I thought the exam was. That's a fair question since I've been discussing it all year.

I saw the possibilities on a continuum. On the most disastrous end, students could come in and say that I had never taught them the things on the essays and multiple choice. On the perfection end, students would come in and say that the essays were exactly what we had practiced the day before the exam.

What I was realistically hoping for was somewhere in the middle, and that is what I got. ALL of the essays topics were topics I had covered at some point during the year. Most of it we had not specifically reviewed, but the reviewing is mostly up to the kids. So, basically, I had done my job.

A bonus was that two days before the exam we reviewed the term "republican motherhood," which was a major component of the DBQ (23 percent of the grade for you non-AP people). Also, at an afterschool review session the day before the exam we practiced a question on Harding and Coolidge. For the 12 kids that were there, the question on Progressivism in the 20's was perfect.

The one thing I am pretty upset about is that 8 or so of my 55 students wrote about hippies and counterculture in the 1950's. I was really surprised by how much they confused the 50's with the 60's. One even wrote about the Miss America pageant of 58.

But there's nothing I (or they) can do about it now. For the most part, I am pleased. I think I got all a first timer could ask for.