Thursday, April 27, 2006

What was that noise?

If at about 1:25 eastern time you heard a shrill noise or felt a disturbance in the force, it was my fault. It was the sound of my 7th period finding out I was pregnant. 15 highly mature but always very intersted in my personal life girls shrieking with joy.

My plan had been to wait until after the AP exam, or at least until after my next doctor appointment this coming Monday. But alas, the belly gave me away. It just seems to have popped over Spring Break and it's been very hard to hide.

So today, there was all kind of excited chit chat going on in the corner during 4th period. It was coming from a boy mostly. Finally I overheard him say, "I just want to know! I can't stand it!"

I said "Joe, what is your problem?"

"Nothing. Nothing, Mrs. Abigail," he says.

"Just out with it Joe."

"Are you pregnant?"

At this point, I should have made him sweat. I should have looked hurt. Should have said something about eating too much pizza over the weekend. Instead I just smiled and said yes. After the celebration, I kindly informed Joe that he should NEVER EVER ask a woman that unless he is 100% sure of the answer because he had just basically called me fat. But it was cute nonetheless.

So, for the rest of the day I just told my classes because it was weird for one class to know and not the others. I still have 1st and 2nd period tomorrow, but I'm going to guess they will have already heard when they get there.