Monday, February 20, 2006

Go West Young Man!

(Actually, either way we were going west so the title doesn't make much sense.)

So, a LOT has been going on here. I wouldn't even know where to begin. The part I care to share now is that we are moving. We have made our decision.

Shannon, here we come! We are moving to Denver! I thought it would be terribly painful to pass up the opportunity to go back to Texas but it isn't. We decided that the job in Colorado was too great to pass up. It took us over two weeks to come to that decision but I don't regret it. When it was snowing the other day I realized I'm not yet sick of snow and four seasons.

I know few other details. My hubby will defend the dissertation next month and we'll start to worry about everything else after that. For now, we don't know where we will live, if we will buy a house, or even if I am going to work next year. That, obviously, is a whole separate blog post, but I can say right now that even though things are going well, I am very burned out and not sure I want to start over in a new school.

All right, the Olympics call... I'll try to make the rounds to all your blogs soon!