Sunday, January 22, 2006

AP Review ideas

Wow, I didn't realize how many of my blogging peers were teaching AP history courses. Thanks so much for your comments the last few days. There are two of us that teach AP US at my school and we have started discussing review sessions. My colleague has always started in mid-February with after-school sessions going over practice exams. He also encourages the kids to form official study groups that meet outside of school. This year we are thinking of doing that as well, but maybe going over the past unit exams in the sessions after school. (We never go over them in class because there just isn't time.)

So, do any of you have tried and true ways you would recommend for getting the kids ready for the actual exam?

For those of you following my IVF cycle, I am in the real "meat" of the cycle now -- called stimming. I go to the clinic at 6:30 for bloodwork and an sometimes an ultrasound, give myself a shot then head to school. Afterschool I check my personal voicemail account they gave me for bloodwork results. Then at 5:30 I do two more shots. The belly is getting pretty sore and my arms are getting bruised. Before I started stimming they found a small cyst on my ovary. It was nothing major but you can't stim with it there so they aspirated it. Not fun. At all.

I way overresponded to the stim medication so they have cut my dosage in half. Hopefully that will get things on track because if not things can get dangerous and they have to cancel your cycle.