Friday, December 02, 2005


A Conversation you DON'T want to have when your birthday is 3 days away (and you're feeling a little old already):

Me: Okay class, what else can we add to our chart for characteristics of Daoism?

Student: Daoists said that life is sweet.

Me: Yes, they did. So did Natalie Merchant.

Class: blank stares

Me: You know who Natalie Merchant is right?

Class: uhhhhh....

Me: The singer?! "Oh they tell you life is hard, misery from the start, it's dull, it's painful. But I tell you life is sweet." Surely you have heard it.

Class: uhhhh...

(I march over to IPod and turn the song on.)

Student: Oh I think I've heard this. My mom listens to it.

A Conversation you DO want to have when your birthday is three days away:

Fellow teacher:
It is supposed to snow in three days.

Me: Really?

Fellow teacher: Yes, look at the national weather service bulletin, they are already calling for possible school closings.

A Conversation you never think you will have:

Receptionist: Hello?

Me: Yes, hi, I need to schedule an appointment for the IVF talk.

Receptionist: Okay. It takes 45 minutes. How's the Tuesday after next?