Sunday, November 06, 2005

O Happy Day!

Today is my one year blogiversary! Some things I have learned in the last year:

1. Sometimes you just write a quick post with little thought, and it catches someone's attention and becomes something much bigger.

2. Sometimes you write what you hope will really get people going and no one responds.

3. Even if you write anonymously, you will worry about people you know finding your blog.

4. You write many more posts in your head than actually ever make it onto the screen.

5. Even though it's anonymous, you can find yourself strangely attached to what people think of you.

6. Your blogger you is really no different than the real you. The same struggles and the same strengths appear over time.

Also, at this time I should probably say something about the blogger family tree that is going around. My blog father would have to be Mode For Caleb. I don't have any blog children that I know if. Isn't that ironic?