Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just your normal tampon on a sprinkler day

Here's what happened at my school today:

A new teacher was sick and needed a sub. We have a new automated process for calling in sick. She did not do something right when going through the process.

Her first period ended up being unattended for the entire period. The class apparently had a free-for-all. Towards the end of the period a girl stood up on a chair and tied a tampon to the sprinkler head.

This set off the sprinkler.

The sprinkler set off the fire alarm.

The school was evacuated and the administrators raced around the school to try to figure out what was setting the fire alarm off. One thought he smelled gas. Everyone smelled smoke because the fireplaces in the neighborhood were going for the first time of the season.

Meanwhile, no one from the class has explained what happened and the room is flooding with water. The water is pouring underneath the door and through the walls into other rooms.

The entire school stands outside, many without coats because it was much colder than originally expected.

Finally, they located the problem. The fire department was called because now it was in fact a fire hazard. They shut off the electricity first, then worked for some time until they could get the sprinklers shut off too.

We missed all of our 2nd period class standing outside in the cold. Four classrooms, including the special ed crisis room, have been relocated to the auditorium and library until further notice.