Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Clothing Dilemma

This week is our school's homecoming week. We have a different theme each day. For example, yesterday was costume day. I do not like Halloween (especially at high schools because it is just an excuse for the girls to wear NOTHING) so I did not wear a costume. Today was 70's day. I wore a shirt that I regularly wear but it had a 70's look. Some people caught on, others just thought I was wearing an ugly shirt. So, tomorrow is Wild West Day. What's a Texas girl to do? Had I known in time I could have gotten my real Rodeo clothes from my parents' house. But I was just looking through the closet and discovered my overalls. From high school. I called my co-worker friend and she said go for it. If she was me, she would wear them (she's wearing denim and a bandana).

I dunno. This would be the most drastic I have gone in my 4 years at this school. Other options include a denim dress or cords with dress boots and a denim shirt. All would be accented by my James Avery lone star earrings. It'll be a game-time decision. Anyone with advice should feel free to share. I'm off to try to find my Texas bandana.