Saturday, October 29, 2005

This week: the good, the bad, the ugly

This week at school
The good: We had an assembly this week. All they would tell us was that it was to celebrate our school's succes. All the local political dignitaries were going to be there. Frankly, we are all quite cynical about politicians creating a photo op during our class time. Well it turns out the assembly was just a ploy. It was actually an awards ceremony for a fellow teacher. She had been nominated and selected for an award without her knowledge. At the ceremony they presented her with a check. For $25,000. Totally awesome.

The bad: Quarter grades are due next week. In my two AP classes, there is one 'A'.

The ugly: How about these excerpts from my tenth grade essays:
- United Statesian (as opposed to American)
- greater. (Oh yes I am fully aware that greater is a word. But it isn't a verb. As in "the Athenians had a chance to greater themselves.)
- differen't
- The Greeks were majorly good at art.

This week in Infertility Land
The good: We met with our RE to go over the latest test results. He is completely willing to work with our ethical concerns about IVF. And despite working around those concerns, he thinks our odds are great. (And, trust me, this is all about odds.)

The bad: Neither one of us has ever been to Vegas, or even gambled for that matter.

The ugly: Our odds for IUI. They've basically been reduced to 1%. And that was just being kind.

This week in knitting
The good: The yarn I wanted to make a Christmas scarf has been put on sale!

The bad: I still haven't taken pictures of my tank top, souffle scarf, or miniature tree ornament sweaters to show everyone.

The ugly: I'm not sure I like the miniature sweaters for Christmas trees. They are easy to do (I've done 4 already) because they are done in one piece. But they look kinda cheapy I think. I'll keep working.

Life in general this week
Good: My parents are coming up for Thanksgiving

Bad: 40 degrees and raining.

Ugly: Oh, whoa is me. Another Aggie football season is headed down the tubes. Can I just say I didn't even want them to HIRE Franchione.