Sunday, September 11, 2005

You know you work in a good school when....2nd edition

UPDATE: Um, hello? I had a major proofreading error in the title for almost a week now and none of you said anything? You're too nice!

And now for the Back to School Night edition of "you know you work in a good school when..." (Incidentally, Back to School Night might be known as "Meet the Teacher Night" or something else to some of you. Parents rotate through their child's schedule, spending ten minutes in each class.)

1. A student's mother, father, grandmother, and grandfather attend
2. The grandfather asks a history related question
3. Some class sessions are standing room only
4. Teacher are instructed to arrive by 6 so they can find parking, even though nothing officially starts until 7
5. A father pulls me aside to ask my opinion of "Guns, Germs and Steel"
6. A mother pulls me aside to see if I need any supplies for my classroom or chaperones for History Club events
7. A fellow teacher who lives in the neigborhood has the whole social studies department over for dinner, and you actually enjoy one another's company

So, overall it was a good night. But it is the longest day of the year. We don't leave until nearly 10 pm and school begins at 7:30 am. Every year I swear I will just take a pillow and sleeping bag. Add to this that I have my first cold of the year. I'm taking it easy all day today though and hopefully will be rip-roaring ready to go tomorrow.