Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Turns out

Turns out I did not have cold/allergy problems as I previously believed.

Turns out I have viral bronchitis instead.

Turns out you should not take your normal cold/allergy medicine when you have bronchitis.

Turns out if you take allergy meds with bronchitis it will just make things worse. You will be congested beyond belief, with a terrible cough and the need to clear your throat constantly.

Turns out that coughing and clearing your throat constantly make you lose your voice. Completely.

Turns out that the new Minute Clinics at Target really are fast. You can get there, get diagnosed, and get back to school in one class period.

Turns out you cannot lead a discussion on the Great Awakening with your AP kids when your voice sounds like a frog going through puberty. You will have to show a video instead.

So, here's to hoping tomorrow turns out better because I can't let my AP classes fall behind so early on. Luckily my tenth graders are still in the library working on projects and the librarians are sooo helpful. My students, too, have been very sympathetic and nice.