Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just keepin on keepin on

Howdy everyone!

I'm just checking in. Like many of you, I'm finding lots of material for posting, but not a lot of energy. The beginning of the year is just always so overwhelming.

My AP classes are still going smoothly, but not super-duper. One problem is that the two sections I have are so different that I think I'll never had a good day with both of them. One class is 1st period with 30 kids, 13 of whom are moving up from honors and 3 of which are smartie-pants boys that want to call me on every little detail. The other section is 7th period (last) with only 24 kids, most of them super organized and super social girls. They did, however, ALL laugh at my Napoleon Dynamite joke. (What does every guy need to get a girl? Skills. Napoleon would have been proud of the New England settlers because they had farming skills, unlike the Jamestown settlers who didn't even have numchuck skills.)

World History is world history. Smooth and a little boring because I find the early history somewhat uninspiring. But we'll be starting a big project by the end of the week. YAY library days!

Hey, I had a nice time in Texas, thanks for asking. It was nice to be in Houston and see all the positive things going on to help hurricane victims when everything on the news has been so negative and upsetting. My sister's church service was especially uplifting. The church, with about, 250 active members, is in charge of 160 "survivors" (what they are calling them instead of refugees) and 150 members signed up to spend their Labor Day getting trained to serve food at the Astrodome.

I hope everyone had a nice 3 day weekend and you're off to a smooth start. I'll try to catch up on blog reading and commenting soon.