Saturday, August 27, 2005

The week in review

Whew! I just read through all the unread posts in my bloglines account and that took awhile. Most of you, though, have been a little slow in posting too because everyone is in various stages of Back-to-schoolness.

I finished up the teacher development week and here are the highlights. Remember that I was starting out at 1 ahead.

+1 The AP took pity on me for my recent bad breaks and told me I could get another teacher to cover for my lunch duty one day a week. Other teacher was thrilled to do so because it got her out of other obligations.

-2 Opps. Things change again. AP now needs other teacher to serve lunch duty WITH me every day. So now I'm back to 5 day a week lunch duty.

+3 Everyone in the school got new computers. Our school got more new computers than anyone else in the district. This was because our school needed them the most though.

+1 Got everything loaded onto new computer with relative ease.

-3 Dude, they got Dells. I say this sarcastically. We were instructed to leave our comuters on overnight so that software could be loaded via the network. I came in the next morning and had an error message. The computer would not restart. When we finally got it turned off, it never turned on again. Ever. Had to switch out computer and reload everything.

+1 Bought a thumb drive. It works great!

+2 Continued jamming with IPod all week long.

-1 Got my class lists. There are some names I am pretty sure I will never say right. This year's names are by far the most complicated I've ever had. Here's to nicknames!

+1 One of my first period students came by to see if they needed any special supplies (they don't) and to tell me she goes by a different, much more pronouncable name (thank goodness!).

-2 Our closest network printer is broken. So, anytime we printed something we had to go to the other wing of the school to get it.

+2 Department head said if we brought our own printers into our rooms, he would buy ink for them all year long.

+1 The cat definitely missed me.

-3 Our district has a new policy. Any employee who is absent five days for personal or family illness will get an "official letter" and must begin producing doctors' notes when the are absent to avoid future letters and actions. Their excuse for this is that we are just abiding by the same standards we expect of our students. Excuse me? We have the same standards as our students??!! Then you'll be willing to take a note from my mother when I'm sick too, thank you very much. Total.load.of.bologna.

I think that's about it. And it leaves me at +2 overall as we close out the preseason and gear up for the real thing, starting Monday.