Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Looking ahead

My anti-burn-out plan of being lazy all day and doing nothing school related seems to be helping a little. Today was a rainy, cool day. It felt a little like Fall, which always helps me to get in the school spirit. I instantly begin thinking about football and new beginnings. Let's hope this trend continues.

In an effort to pump myself, I thought I'd spend a little time looking back over my evaluations from this past year. They were positive for the large part, AND were improved over the year before.

Here are the first three questions from my end of the year survey for my U.S. and World History students and some selected responses that make me feel proud (my comments in parantheses, spelled as is):

1. The most interesting idea or concept we studied this year was...
- Harlem Renaissance (I got this several times)
- Great Depression (This is usually the most popular, but I got fewer this year)
- Galileo's Daughter (the book I made them read. I got this several times even though it was a LOT of work)
- The Civil Rights movements, learning what minorities had to go through to achieve equality
- All of it! (suck up!)
- The study of integration because it caused the most contreversey between me and the other students
- World Wars

2. The most important idea or concept we studied this year was...
- all of it
- laws and amendments
- Black history
- how nationalism led to WWI and eventually WWII because so many people were affected by an idea
- the cyclical view of history throughout the world
- modern history
- imperialism
- change can take a toll
- I guess it would have to be revolution. We used that world more than any other.
- Galileo because it showed how there are many intricate details of history that we usually remain ignorant of

3. This course readlly made me think about...
- politics more than I ever have before; they became more interesting
- history, I actually learned!!!
- the differences in religion and how it affected nations' feelings of superiority and desire for domination
- the impact our generation will have on the future, which will eventually be reduced to a paragraph in a textbook
- "what if" scenarios, like what if Japan hadn't industrialized, or what if Europe hadn't imperialized America
- I shouldn't become a history major
- how one person can affect many people
- wanting to study European history in college and the future
- my role in the government
- how lucky we are
- the future and what we can do to improve it
- how much better this country would be if I was president
- this country is screwed up
- the more I learn the more I know I need to learn, Plato
- how screwed up society is, how grossly Republican this school is
- how past social and political events can affect us today

So, the question is, what am I complaining about? I get paid to this? I CAN do this!