Sunday, August 07, 2005

Injury, meet insult. Insult, injury.

So, last week was pretty pathetic. But today starts a new week. I put on my best face and headed to church. DH was filling in for our pastor who was out-of-town. We went out with friends for a great brunch.

Then I came home and checked my messages.

Remember how we had to reduce our staff numbers because of NCLB?

Remember how our most combative, least team-supporting teacher was transfered?

Remember how I would be moving out of my no air conditioning, no windows classroom into her classroom with air conditioning AND dry erase boards?

Remember how I spent two days packing up my room, pulling down my bulletin boards, etc?

Well, one of our other teachers has quit. (Yes, quit, with a whopping two weeks left in the summer. But this was the guy who had his trailer doused in gasoline, so what do you expect.) So, for whatever reason we have rehired the teacher that was tranferred out (despite the fact that she was soooooo rude to everyone who tried to be nice to her when she was leaving. We got her a going-away gift and she literally told us to take the gift and shove it up our ****.) AND, she HAS to have her room back because of "medical reasons".

So I will not be moving. I packed up for no reason. I will be spending my third year in the classroom known to all as the "dungeon." This is the longest any teacher has stayed in that room. But don't worry, my department head told me on the message, they won't be changing my schedule.

Gee, how kind of you. The ONLY reason he is doing this to me is because he hates confrontation and the woman who is being rehired is much more likely to make his life miserable than me. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well you know what??!! He chose the wrong week to pick on me. I'm going up there tomorrow and I will not be carrying any WD-40.