Monday, August 22, 2005

Back to school recap

In our district teachers report back a full week before students do. I think this is longer than some other school systems. Anyway, because I'm exhausted I'm going to summarize the day in wins and losses.

-4 I arrived to find that I had been assigned "substitute coverage" as my daily duty. This is waaaaay better than lunch duty. Score! But alas, at the end of the day I had an email from the AP telling me that they had to rearrange things and I now had lunch duty instead.

-1 I could not find the giant rolls of GoWrite at our local stores. This is stick on dry erase board. It works like contact paper but is easy to peel off and reapply. I had to order it online, so who knows when it will get here.

-2 Early class lists show I did not get some of the students I really really wanted.

-1 I have so far spent $100 on my classroom. I know this isn't much but I swore I wasn't spending a dime!

-2 The teacher that is moving in next to me is so annoying. I think she has a bad home life, so she stays up at school for all hours and will corner you and talk to you to death about all kinds of uncomfortable things.

-2 Someone stole my fan and my big comfy desk chair. The fan was recovered but the desk chair was not.

-1 The cable has not been turned on yet. (I don't have cable at home.)

+1 The weather is very mild right now. It makes my classroom almost bearable.

+3 My lunch duty is in the satellite (p.c. word for new, because we don't want the old wing to feel "old") cafeteria where all the goody-goody nerds eat. Sometimes you can even sit down!

+2 My goal was to get my entire room unpacked and reput together today. I did just that and a little more. Bulletin boards and all are done, excepting the GoWrite stuff.

+2 My department head is still feeling guilty about the classroom shuffle and basically says yes to everything I ask.

+2 I plugged my ipod into computer speakers and jammed all day while I worked.

+2 My conference period is at the same time as one of my pal's.

+1 I think the cat missed me while I was gone.

+1 A coworker gave me 400 scantrons she wasn't going to use!

So it looks like so far I am winning by 1. Let's hope I can add some more points tomorrow!