Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More adventures from teaching camp

The teaching history workshop continues to have its pluses and minuses. A giant minus would be Mr. Bigmouth. You all know Mr. Bigmouth. He thinks everything he has to say is important and completely dominates all conversation. Talks loud. Voices opinions and ideas that are outrageous and a sometimes offensive. The worst part about having Mr. Bigmouth in class (and let's face it, there's ALWAYS a Mr. Bigmouth) is that no one else gets to participate. I mean, sure, I could raise my hand and say something, but after he blabs on for twenty minutes I'm just ready for the professor to move on.

On a more positive/humorous note:

Today we discovered that the $15 "copy and print" cards are really just I.D. cards with money added to them (as most colleges today have). So, that means we can use these cards to buy iced coffee at the coffee shop and snacks at the vending machine. SCORE!

Today after lunch we were enjoying our iced coffees and talking. Then, we realized it was time to go. We had a 1:00 meeting in the library with the state archives. Now, let me back up a little to say that yesterday we also had a 1:00 meeting with a librarian who took 15 minutes to get started while we sat there staring at computers he had deliberately frozen so that we could not use. So, we were a little bitter. We decided we weren't finished talking and we could afford to be a little late to our meeting. After all, six of us were sitting there and there are only eight in the class. So we took our sweet time and headed to the library at 1:02. (Teachers are such nerds! We consider ourselves rebels by being five minutes late!)

Well, low and beyond, when we all strolled into our meeting guess who was there...Not just anyone. The STATE ARCHIVIST. And the workshop director. They did not look happy. We didn't realize this was an important meeting. We will not be late again. But we will still buy iced coffee. Who makes 1500 copies in a two week period?