Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm back!

We had a great time! I suspect that some year we won't -- that there will be an uncomfortable confrontation, or just a general "burn out" of going to the same place year after year, but that never happens. We had a blast and spent just long enough there that it felt good to come home. I think it is time for the vacation to end when everyone starts getting hurt. I had a blister from my flip flops (the only pair of shoes I wore the entire time) and a giant bruise on my leg from an inner-tube valve. I took pictures of the bruise for you. Watch for it soon. The dh got a rash from an unidentified plant on the golf course. Dad bruised his toes against one of the ride's walls. And we are all water-logged. In sum, it felt great to be there and great to come home.

The one image I will remember from this year's trip is my 8+ months pregnant sister in her pink maternity swimsuit, big floppy hat, floating lazily in the lagoon. She could only come for the day and couldn't ride any of the rides but insisted "I just want to get my butt in the water. I'm so hot!"

There was also some serious watergun activity. There always is, but this year was more than ever. There were alliances, spies, double agents, crying 5 year olds, mothers rolling on the grass during fireworks. One of my students has a shirt that says "It's only funny till someone gets hurt. Then it's hiliarious." This is the stuff summer is made of!