Sunday, June 12, 2005

Why I really, really need summer

Reason #1: It's hot. The heat index has been in the 90's and I can't get out of my non-air-conditioned, no windows, walls so sweaty the posters fall off, classroom soon enough.

#2. There's a teacher at my school that tends to be a little self-centered. Mr. self-centered is a good teacher, but has a way of provoking students into nasty confrontations. A few weeks ago some students broke into his room (which is detached from the rest of the school), doused it with gasoline, and set it on fire. This was personal. They specifically targeted his file cabinets, books, etc. I don't like him but he didn't deserve it. It's only a matter of time before the senior who did it gets drunk and tells his friends, but honestly, it's taking investigators a little longer than we thought to catch the culprits.

#3. Another teacher at our school had to cover a class for a colleague. His room was left open by a teacher that floats into that room. His keys to his BMW were on the desk. A student took them, stole his car, and was in the ghetto driving "erratically" when the police caught him.

#4 Teacher that floats and leaves rooms unattended also floats into my room. A few weeks ago, cash was stolen from my wallet. I fully suspected someone from teacher who floats's class because he has no control and a student told me "yes I have seen students by your desk and Mr. Teacher who floats tells them to get away but they don't because no one listens to him. the The class is out of control." Well, guess what..the BMW thief is in Mr. Teacher who floats's class when he floats into my classroom. Shocking.

#5 As mentioned before, I'm moving classrooms. This is a good thing. The only problem is that the crazy teacher that is moving out is not happy about being involuntarily transferred and is determined to make everyone aware of that. The rest of us have been packing up for a week in preparation of summer. She hasn't packed a thing. This means I will NOT be moving on Wednesday when teachers are required to be at school. I'll be doing it this summer, on my own time, when it's even hotter. (What??!! Teachers working on their OWN time?? Who'da thunk?)

#6 puts reasons 1-5 in perspective. Our department head, whom everyone adores, has had major tragedy. His mother-in-law and two kids were hit by a truck that ran a red light. His mother-in-law died within a few hours. His two kids were sent to the trauma hospital in critical condition. His daughter was released about 24 hours later but still no word on the son. He was very close with the mother-in-law. Not that it matters, but it certainly complicates the end of the school year procedures when your department head is not there. But our department is so awesome and everyone is picking up the slack.