Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Schlitterbahn or bust!

So I survived the AP U.S. History workshop. It was helpful, especially in providing resources and ideas. I wish we had spent a little more time on the exam itself. I don't plan to spend all year "teaching to the test" but let's face it -- the kids are taking this class instead of honors or standard because they want to place out. So, I think some time needs to be spent on testing strategy and that the curriculum should take the test content into consideration. It was a lot of work, and I was not paid for it, although my principal did cover the $1000 cost of taking the course and I receive graduate credit for it.

This week so far I've been plugging through American Colonies and making notes for future classes. All of this will cease tomorrow morning at 9 though, when we hop onboard our flight to Houston. My parents will meet us at the airport with two cars and we'll head straight to New Braunfels, Texas (well, we might stop at the Freebirds on 59 on our way out of town). I have spent almost every 4th of July since I was 4 in New Braunfels with my family. There are 30+ of us going this year. It is so much fun! We stay at the Schlitterbahn (German for water highway, I think) waterpark resort.

I know! I know! -- you are thinking "waterpark??" This is not your average waterpark. This puts all those crappy Six Flags and Disney World rides to shame. It is humongous -- you really couldn't ride every single ride in a day if you wanted. The old part of the park is fed with river water, straight from the Comal (which feeds into the Guadalupe). It is cold my friends! The resort is great for kids because there is no need for a locker or a picnic table. About noon when everyone gets cranky and hungry, we head back to our rooms to grab a bite and take a nap.

Can you tell I love this place?? I love this place so much that when my students annoy me and I tell them, "Be quiet. I'm going to my happy place," I honestly envision myself in an innertube floating through the rapids.

At night we sit on the balcony, play cards, and roast marshmallows.

I wait for this all year long! Before tomorrow, though, I still need to finish a few chapters...