Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Movin on up!

Good news everyone! You only have a few days more of reading my complaints about my no window, no air conditioning room. (The temperature in the room, Monday, by the way, was 86.) I am moving to the newer wing of the building. It has air conditioning and dry erase boards. YAY!

It was a tough decision, though. The dh and I spent hours last spring covering the windowless wall with a giant write-on world map. It has been so handy this year. We drew stuff all over it. Additionally, the room I'm moving into is in the corner of the school away from my favorite co-workers. But, maybe that is good because I will have plenty of grading with the AP classes.

The final straw in making the decision dealt with a move by another teacher. The reason my room doesn't have windows is because it used to be one large room. Years ago, they put up a temporary wall dividing the room in half. As far as "fake" walls go, it's pretty good. When things get rowdy next door, though, it is very distracting to my classes. Anyway, a poor, poor teacher who has no control over her classes is moving into that room. I did NOT want to be next to her. She's nice, but she hasn't learned not to talk over the kids. She just gets louder and louder, and finally very shrill. UGH. I don't know how she does it.

I digress. The point is -- I'm moving to a much cooler (in more than one way) room.