Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's that time of year

The sign outside of our school says:

May: No Child Left Untested

AP Exams
State subject assessments
Senior Final Exams

The last two are during the same week. It is going to be absolutely crazy. The first floor will be the state tests, the second floor will be senior finals, and the third floor will be anyone with students left to teach (mainly sophomores and juniors). Very few of my students are part of the testing, but we will be relocated to the third floor. Every teacher will be a "floater" every period, and no one class period will meet in the same classroom the next day. In other words, my students will meet me in a different classroom every day that week. We've been instructed that we cannot show videos, nor can we do bookwork because there aren't enough carts to push the books around on. It promises to be quite chaotic.

When I was in high school in Texas they had a better way of doing it. If you weren't being tested, you stayed home and did not report to school until 11:00, after testing ended. This provided a quiet environment, all classrooms could be used for tests and all teachers were available to proctor.