Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The winter blahs are melting with the snow

I blogged last month about the February Funk and the havoc it wreaks on teachers. Looking around the blogosphere, it's evident that we have moved on to March. Post-hip Chick is having a much better week, thanks to her kind and understanding 1st/2nd period. Polski3's View from Here is trying to blog positively. Amy of Amy Knits Texas seems to have her family feeling better and has an adorable spring dress in the works for her daughter. Ahora vamos a contar got some uplifting test results from her students and has decided to stick with her job for another year. What in Tarnation is looking forward to July when the next Harry Potter comes out. (I'm so excited it comes out on a non-school night -- I definitely plan on attending the release party at the local Borders!)

Hope the second half of everyone's week gets even better!