Thursday, March 17, 2005

Steroids, Baseball, and Congress

Am I the only one wondering what in the world Congress is doing? I don't understand why they are holding these hearings on steroids in the major leagues. I don't like steroids and I don't think baseball players should use them. In fact, I think a lot is wrong with baseball right now, and I've shown my lack of support by refusing to attend the games here in town. I think the baseball players ought to be treated like any other drug users. But since when has Congress called up drug users to testify? Aren't there more important things to deal with? War, for instance? Or education, for another? Congress should let the local authorities do their jobs and find someone else to pick on.

My guess is this is just a big publicity attempt. All the congressmen/women on the committee will be featured on their hometown local news tonight in a story about how they are "cracking down" on drugs in our country. It is sure to feature a soundbite from the local representative chastising the players. I heard a tiny piece of the hearings today at the local coffee shop (we do NOT have cable) and they sounded just like I expected...a bunch of hogwash.