Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Everyone knows about the Puffs Plus right?

The fact that newer or prospective teachers could be reading my blog got me thinking: What kinds of advice do I have to share with them after two whole years in the classroom? So, for the next few days, I'm going to be a good example and provide support for fellow teachers instead of griping about some of the problems at my school right now (like my 10th graders cheating on their reading quiz, staff reduction, annoying childish teachers..oh wait, focus Abigail, FOCUS).

So, here's tip #1:

Tip number one is all about practicality. If you have chalkboards in your classroom, you know that erasers do absolutely no good. Instead, you should use Puffs Plus tissues to clean your board. I'm assuming most of you already know this because good teaching tricks tend to spread like wildfire. If you don't already use them, though, I highly recommend it. You cannot use Puffs with Aloe, or Superduper Kleenex, or any other kind. It must be Puffs Plus. Try it! They clean the board better than soap and water.