Friday, February 25, 2005

What I did...and didn't do

Things I did NOT do during the past two snow days:
1. Taxes
2. Grade GT World History slave ship captain journals
3. Get next GT unit together
4. Call Grandma
5. Mail broken dvd/tape player to Toshiba people
6. Even pack up broken dvd/tape player so that when I feel like mailing it, it's ready
7. Laundry
8. Grocery shop
9. Learn to do a few new tricks with my blog
10. Enter this week's grades into electronic gradebook
11. Call to make hair appointment for when I'm in Texas next month
12. Sleep till 10.

Things I DID do during the past two snow days
1. Made waffles with homemade syrup for breakfast.
2. Got oil changed
3. Went to yarn shop with friend and paid $50 for Wool in the Woods Helix yarn in Hurricane color to make cute little tank top, which I would never pay $50 for at a store.
4. Listened to cat throw up. Twice.
5. Cleaned up cat throw up. Once (hubby did the other).
6. Slept till 8:30.