Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Someone's leaving!

But who? This is the million dollar question at work right now. We had a nice three-day weekend. We took a road trip to a state park. It rained a good part of the time but it was just nice to be away. Today, when I returned to the classroom I was a little irritable. I don't know why, but sometimes the kids are just so needy, and whiney, and today for whatever reason I did not want to hear it. But the day progressed with only a few minor bumps, until the very last minute. One minute before the schoolday ends, the principal makes last minute announcements -- usually just bus changes, and any changes in games or practices. But today, he added "and to all teachers: we will have a brief faculty meeting at 7:20 tomorrow." WHAT? Our faculty meetings are on Monday afternoons, and always announced. Speculation began immediately. At first, some teachers thought there had been a death, but we decided if that was the case, they would have told us this afternoon. Then, we realized, there is a Board of Ed. meeting tonight. At these meetings, they announce and approve retirements and transfers. We have all agreed that must be it. I suggested we get one of those online betting sites going as to who. Unfortunately, odds are on the head principal, whom everyone adores. Sure, there are a few things each of us would change about him, but for the most part he is great. He has a laissez faire attitude. He has a very strict hiring process (everyone must be SEEN teaching first, either by him or an AP or department head. Our dept. head has driven several states away to see sample lessons before.) But, once he hires you, he gives you room to run your classroom. For the most part, if it works, you can do it. There is no required lesson plan format or specific way to write objectives or any crap like that.

It is possible that it is an Asst. Principal, but we have two brand new ones everyone likes. Really, there aren't many things this meeting could be about that would actually be good news. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday I bought one of those exercise balls. It really looks like something I would like and focuses on strengthening your back, which I need. Today I inflated the ball, which took a long time, then excitedly put the instructional tape in our tape/dvd combo. Well, the whole thing has broken down. It won't play or eject or even turn on. It is past the 90 day stated warranty but when I called Toshiba they said to ship it in, and they would remove the tape and dvd that are in it and send us a new player, free of charge. I'm totally bummed that I didn't get to start my new exercise regiment, but hopefully Toshiba is going to be flexible here.