Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The jazz lesson worked!

As I mentioned previously, when teaching the Harlem Renaissance, I do an entire lesson on jazz music. The students listen to ragtime, blues, jazz, and swing (admittedly later but it works here). When the students are listening, they have to describe the music in one box using a list of words provided (improvised, structured, multiple instruments, call and response, etc). In another box, they have the write what they personally think of the music. Here are some responses (all typed as written):

Reminds me of the ice cream man. I like it, it's happy music. (ragtime)

It is intersting that the instruments can talk each other. Whoever invented this music, he/she must be genuis. (jazz)

It makes me excited, especially the drum sound. I didn't know that the drum sound could be this emotional. (swing)

I really liked this one. You could really move and dance to this music. The instruments are played very well, like they are sexy b/c you can just move and feel every note. (swing)

It is relaxing and it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. (blues)

I like the blues. Tells how life can be.

I liked this one the most out of the bunch. Now this is something I can dig. (swing)

Pity party! (blues)

This was a sad, soulful music. Whenever I feel lonely, I would listen to music like that. (blues)

It was a good way for blacks to express themselves. It reminds me of a cartoon. (jazz)