Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's not the principal...

It's the new assistant principal. Here's the story:

For the past several years we had an assistant principal that was male and also African American. He was a lawsuit waiting to happen. He once told me at a breakfast, "Keep eating donuts like that and you'll lose that cute little figure of your's." He said other, much worse, things to other women who should have reported him, but did not. He ran his programs like the Mob. You always wanted to be on his good side, because he could make your life miserable. The people that he disliked got the worst duty assignments, the worst chaperone assignments, etc. I really, really didn't like him but always got along with him (which seemed to be much easier for all young, thin female teachers). So, when he retired I was just hoping to get anything better than him.

We got another male, also African American to replace him. We all adore him. He's polite, professional, efficient, understanding, follows through on get the picture. He transfered from another mostly African American district where things were a little rougher. Our school is diverse, but also academically strong. He saw our school as a step up. When he signed his contract, apparently, he was guaranteed at least eight months before they could move him anywhere. His eight months are up. He is being sent to another predominatly African American, VERY rough school. The position is somewhat of a promotion, but not one he actually wanted. You can't really tell the Superintendent no, though. That position has actually been open for a while, too, but they couldn't find anyone to take it. (It's possible the position has been open for 8 months, but I'm not sure about that.) To me, it seems like there is some element of racism somewhere in there, but maybe I am wrong. Then again, this could just be part of the trend toward "student-centered" schools in which the students' needs are put above the teachers' wants.

We all breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn't the head principal, but are surely sad to see this guy go. They don't have anyone lined up to take his place, so for now, all the other AP's have to split up his responsibilities, which include arranging for substitutes.

Mother Nature has apparently had pity on us, though, and the forecasts call for snow all day tomorrow.