Saturday, February 26, 2005

The freedom to misspell?

Last summer we got to spend some time in NYC while my dh was doing research. We sublet a Columbia professor's apt and had a blast. Anyway, one of the many things we did was visit the Met, where Faith Ringgold's Freedom of Speech was on display. It's an American flag made up of phrases and groups associated with the freedom of speech. (I would list examples here, but they would attract all kinds of google searches I don't want.) I really liked it and considered buying a print for my classroom, but did not because I swore I was not spending anymore money on decorative things for my room. Well, I kept thinking of it, so when we went to NYC at Christmastime I broke down and bought it. I had one of the librarians at school laminate it and I hung it up just in time for our lesson on the sedition and espionage acts of WWI.

One of my fellow teachers was admiring it and said, "what's the anti-deflamation league?"
"Anti-defamation league," I said.
"Well, this definitely looks like anti-deflamation."

And she was right. The poster definitely says anti-deflamation. I googled the word, thinking maybe that was some other fringe group out there that was an anti-anti-defamation league or something, but nope. I think she just misspelled it. Can that be possible?