Monday, February 07, 2005


My teaching day was fine. When we got to school, we discovered that the PTSA school beautification committee had done a small "while you were out" type makeover on the main women's faculty bathroom. Actually, I knew it was coming because I am the faculty rep on the PTSA committee. But everyone else was shocked and thrilled. Then, everyone just got cynical about how pathetic it was that it took a few mothers to do something about our bathroom. It's disgusting. It stinks. One toilet was clogged for an entire semester. Additionally, we went three months without a paper towel dispenser. When the district cancelled the flu shot clinic and sent us a reminder to wash and dry our hands, I mentioned that it usually required soap and paper towels to do so. The mothers even cleaned out the small trash recepticles in the stalls. God bless 'em.

That wasn't the only excitement. We also had a faculty meeting that included some tough topics. I want to talk about these things and vent, but I am very tired. (Right after the meeting I had to race out to the airport on the other side of town at rush hour time to pick up the DH who had been in Texas to see his brother performing in his senior musical. Then, I finished grading the DBQ's.) So I am not going to blog about the meeting presently. For now, let me sum it up like this:

1. Schools need money.
2. Schools need money.
3. Schools need money.
5. Umm, we need money. Please.?!?

Okay I recognize I have some conservative readers out there and owe you an explanation. I'll post one soon. I promise. It's just that tonight I can choose to be a good blogger or a good teacher and I almost always choose being a good teacher over being a good anything else.