Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No news is good news

Everyone keeps asking me how things are going at work. My non-education friends look to me for hilarious, ironic, and depressing stories that come from my classroom. Lately I have had little to report. We are just cruising through the end of the first semester. No fights. No students masturbating minutes before my observation (yes it has happened). No students yelling "You Suck! I hate you! I hate this class!" No obvious plagiarism. I'm not complaining. No news is good news, right? I'll take "cruising right along" anytime.

I did get approved for tenure last week during my yearly evaluation. It was an upbeat meeting in which my department head, assistant principal, and head principal all had encouraging and uplifting things to say. My bosses are so competent, so organized, so supportive, that I actually feel guilty. I've heard plenty of horror stories about other places to work. I did tell them that I felt blessed to work with them.

In other news, I just heard about the Not One Dime movement. It's an effort to protest against Bush on inauguration day by refusing to spend any money. I myself had developed my own idea for protesting. When we were in D.C. in November, there was a whole crew of men working on a gigantic structure right in front of the White House. We couldn't imagine that they would place anything to block the view so my mother-in-law asked what they were building. "A stage," the man replied. "For the inauguration." All of this for one day we asked, astonished? "Yeah," he answered, sounding astonished himself. "4 million dollars just for this stage." I was more than a little dismayed. So, my plan was to go sit right in front of the stage with a poster that says "Sometimes my school doesn't have toilet paper." But, alas, inauguration day is a school day. I don't want to take a day off work because someday I want to have a baby, and when I do, I want more than 6 weeks maternity leave. So, maybe I will join in the Not One Day movement.