Sunday, December 19, 2004

Let it snow. Please!

I've been reading on other teachers' blogs about how their Christmas break has begun. Must be nice. I am facing a long four day week. At least Thursday will be fairly simple. My 10th graders are taking an exam. My 11th graders will be watching "The Christmas Truce." It is about how World War I soldiers put down their weapons on Christmas. It's perfect, seeing as how we are on a World War I unit right now.

What would really be nice, though, is a snow day. It is snowing right this instant, but not enough. I need enough snow to require a plow. At this point I would even go for some ice! I try to console myself by thinking of getting out of school a week earlier in June.

Even though I had hopes of a 3-day weekend, the one I had was nice enough. We took it very easy. We watched a couple of movies, made chocolate fondue, and I got a little Christmas shopping done. I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, the grocery store, the mall and Petsmart. Of all of those places, do you know which was the most chaotic? Petsmart! It was packed with dogs and their owners. And, if you consider how difficult it is to mix people's personalities in a crowded store, imagine how much harder it is with dogs. I was behind this one lady in line that was screaming at her poor dog every time he moved. He was moving a lot because the store was full of other dogs and little girls playing with squeaky toys. Finally she told him, "PAY ATTENTION!" Who says that to a DOG? Anyway, I survived the whole trip and am feeling pretty good about the gifts I've gotten. The only thing I have left is some pajamas for my dad.

I'm headed to do a little more knitting and then I'll turn in at my normal time because I just checked out the window and we definitely won't need a plow.