Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The trouble with blogging

The trouble I have with blogging is the part in which I have to actually sit down and type out my thoughts. Late at night, when I can't sleep I come up with a variety of things I would like to say. The problem is that the next day I just don't have the energy.

This doesn't surprise me. In fact, the reason I had held off on blogging for so long was that I didn't think I had time. I've noticed too, that it is not easy to find teachers' blogs that are kept up to date. There are plenty out there, but compared to the number of actual teachers in the U.S. the pickings are slim. It's definitely not that teachers don't have anything to say. We grouse all the time in the teachers' lounge. By the time we get home from work though, we want some rest and relaxation.

Anyway, here are a few of the things I PLAN to blog on in the future...

1. The divide between high school and collegiate history teachers/professors. Is it there? How wide is it? Why?

2. Funny things my students said and did during our recent "Progressive Reformers" research project (I say funny, but I mean depressing, much like First Year Teacher's experience with Anne Frank.)

3. Why everyone in the world feels it's their business to ask women when they are going to have children.

4. The hilarious things the kids in Children's Church have said (I have a mental list.)

5. My top management tips for running a high school classroom.

So look for these and more in the future...But not tonight.

P.S. I got my first request for a college recommendation letter. It made me feel kind of special!