Saturday, November 06, 2004

An introduction

This is my attempt at a blog. I've been contemplating this decision for some time now. Finally, with my husband's encouragement, I have taken the leap. I think he was especially encouraging because he was a little tired of having to hear my constant tirades. When I suggested that a blog might help me vent, and not be so bitter about things, his response was a little too enthusiastic.

Anyway, my goal is to share my thoughts on important things like teaching, knitting, Christianity, politics, and southern culture. I am going to keep it anonymous because I want to be able to say anything about things going on at work, without offending anyone, losing my job, or getting sued. Suffice it to say that I am from Texas, moved to the east coast, and teach 10th grade World History and 11th grade U.S. History at a public high school (much, much more about that later.)

So, welcome to my blog. I'm honored that you've taken the time to read it and I hope you return. I look forward to sharing my thoughts (read: criticisms) about things important to me. I really want to hear your responses, too. Occasionally I become much too confident in my thinking and need to be knocked off my feet.